The LHX system is the only full length spring that eliminates movement of the helper spring with the patented gripper shackles. They ensure the LHX springs are positively located to the existing suspension at all times. This is critical for peace of mind, knowing the system has not moved and will function correctly when needed under load

    When the spring is under normal load, the top, thinner blade acts as a stabilizer, keeping the vehicle level in corners and improving control while maintaining a soft comfortable ride. As weight is added or the vehicle enters a sharp corner at speed, the second, thicker blade comes into action, improving the weight carrying ability by up to 700kg (H70L kits)



The LHX Stabilisers patented Gripper Shackle is designed to grip onto the existing spring with the unique patented wedge shaped bracket. This locates the LHX Stabilisers while still allowing full pivotal movement of the shackle. The bracket grips only the lower blade, allowing the rest of the spring blades to continue sliding between one another thereby retaining the original soft ride. The more weight on the vehicle the tighter it grips!





    Some of our competitors use blades that are shaped using a cutting process. Although this is a cheap method of manufacture it results in sharp, square edges and serrations that actually promote fractures and breakages.    
    All LHXand Load Hog blades are made from steel forged with rounded edges. This is how spring steel is supplied from the manufacturer and gives the steel strong resistance to fractures and breakages. Additionally all LHX and Load Hog blades undergo a process of shot peening. This further increases strength and service life.