Custom suspension kits can be produced to meet specific needs, such as this set for Toyota 100 Series Landcruisers with 1000kg of armored plating being use in Iraq.

Suspension sag, handling problems and an uncomfortable ride are common concerns for vehicle owners with standard suspension. Old Man Emu addresses these problems by developing suspension systems that cater for specific vehicle characteristics. We do this via our renowned team of engineers, who design and test every element of the suspension system - a practice unique to OME. By installing a fully integrated 4x4 suspension system, we can dramatically improve the safety and handling of your vehicle

Our replacement, up-rated torsion bars are the solution to a soft front suspension that sags or worn out bars that no longer hold the front ride height. The larger diameter bar has a 30% heavier rate than original and requires a lower preload which results in better ride quality over standard.