• Why do I need Load Hog® Helper Springs ?

Even a partially loaded vehicle will sag at the back, causing the front to lift and changing the alignment of the front tyres. As anyone who has driven a loaded vehicle will know, the steering becomes light and the vehicle begins to drift, bottoming out on corners and bumps. Driver fatigue is increased and tyres and shocks wear faster due to constant bouncing and altering wheel alignment. Load Hog springs provide additional support to the rear leaf springs increasing the spring rate as weight is applied. The stability and handling of the vehicle is vastly improved and the driver has more positive control and a more comfortable ride. Bottoming out is eliminated and shock absorbers and tyres have an increased life span.

• Will fitting Load Hog® springs make the ride hard ?

Load Hog® helper springs have a patented progressive action, so when the vehicle is un-laden the springs are providing minimum support, which means the ride is unaffected. As weight is applied to the vehicle or as it enters a corner the springs will progressively stiffen, giving maximum support only when it's needed. For a detailed description see HOW IT WORKS

• Are Load Hogs only for vehicles that are frequently loaded ?

On un-laden vehicles, stability and handling characteristics are improved on corners and rough roads. As Load Hog® helper springs are fully adjustable, many 4x4 owners fit them to raise the ride height of their vehicles for more ground clearance. The increased ride height is adjustable up to around 40mm. Pickup owners can also lift their vehicles to fit larger tires.

• Will I need to modify my vehicle in any way ?

No modifications to the springs need to be made. Load Hogs® are designed to fit without any cutting or drilling which may compromise the vehicles performance and any manufacturers warranty.

• How long will it take to fit ?

Load Hogs® fit in less than 20 minutes. Fitment is simple and should be well within the capabilities of most fitment centres, workshops or DIY enthusiasts. Easy to follow instructions are provided.

• Technical stuff

Load Hog® helper springs are quarter elliptical leaf springs and are hot formed from a silicon manganese alloy, the same material used in the manufacture of original equipment leaf springs. This forms a tough, durable blade that will last as long as your vehicles. The U-bolt shackles are EN 8 high tensile steel, hot formed with rolled threads. Based on the ride height the springs will increase load carrying capacity by up to 450kg but is recommended that you adhere to the manufacturers rating.