STEP 1 : Lift the vehicle on the chassis, allowing the rear axle to hang freely. Remove any bolted spring retainers on top of the spring that will prohibit the fitment of the Load HogŪ Helper Spring (the U-bolts fitted later will replace their function). In most cases it is not necessary to remove the wheels.  
STEP 2 : Place one of the Load HogŪ blades on top of the rear half of the existing leaf spring with the L-shaped end butting up against the axle assembly. Ensure brake lines are unobstructed.

STEP 3 : Place a cross plate on top of the Load HogŪ blade ensuring it butts up against the L-shaped part of the blade. Slide the shorter U-bolt up and through the cross plate, securing it in position with the nuts and washers supplied. Tighten to 50Nm, (Fig 2) Cross plates with off-centred holes are to be fitted with the wider section facing the axle.



STEP 4 : Push the longer U-bolts up and through the outer end of the Load HogŪ blade, fit washers and finger tighten the nuts. As a guide, tighten the nuts a further 20-30mm and lock with a second nut. (Fig 3). Repeat this process on the other side of the vehicle. In some kits an INVERTOR PLATE is supplied, this allows the longer outer U-bolts to be fitted down through the Load Hog blade and into the INVERTOR PLATE underneath the existing spring. (Fig 4)

      STEP 5 : Lower the vehicle to the floor and re-check the tightness of the inner U-bolt nuts, ensure brake pipes and handbrake cables are completely unobstructed. Further adjustment to the outer U-bolts can be carried out at any stage.  


Load HogŪ helper springs should take approximately 20 minutes to fit.
Basic tool requirements are a jack and 2x 19mm spanners.

CAUTION Never load your vehicle beyond manufacturers recommendations.
Re-check tightness of nuts on Load HogŪ Helper Springs every 10 000km.
When working on a vehicle, adhere to safety standards set by the vehicle manufacturer.

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