Load Hog® Helper Springs are a revolutionary patented suspension system designed to dramatically improve handling and stability of pick-ups and 4x4's whilst carrying maximum rated loads. Load Hog® Helper Springs are ideally suited to vehicles carrying both occasional and permanent loads.

The Load Hog® systems' unique progressive action varies the rate of support depending on the load, so even the handling on an un-loaded vehicle is enhanced without compromising a smooth ride.



WITH LoadHog®

• Reduces Rear End Sag
• Reduces Body Roll
• Improved Handling And Stability, Loaded Or Unloaded
• More Responsive Suspension
• No More Bottoming Out
• Reduced Sway And Drift
• Improved Safety And Comfort for Occupants
• Smooth Stable Ride When Empty
• Reduced Tyre, Shock and
Suspension Wear.
• Fitted In 20 Minutes.

  Load Hog® Helper Springs are avialble in

South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland etc

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Light Commercial Vehicles, Sport Utility Vehicles, Pickups & Vans,
Tow Vehicles, 4x4s, Camper Homes