Load Hog's are progressive adjustable helper springs that substantially increase load carrying, capacity. DRIVE MAGAZINE

We have tested Load Hog Helper Springs on our new range of 1.5 ton Dyna trucks. Vehicles fitted with the product were on average 15km/h faster on the Gerotech course than those without. TOYOTA TRUCK SA.

After many years in the suspension fitment industry we have found Load Hog Springs to be the best performing suspension stabilizers we have tested. We have continuous repeat business and referrals from clients, making them one of the fastest moving products in our workshop. JAMES DAVIDSON, SHOCK ABSORBER DISTRIBUTORS

We were so impressed with the improved tyre wear and shock absorber life we fitted our entire fleet of 20 delivery vans. FLEET MANAGER

After ordering and fitting a set of Load Hog Helper Springs to my Nissan I was so impressed, I contacted Load Hog and set up the Cape Town agency, RIAAN NEL, STEERING BRAKE AND SUSPENSION, CAPE TOWN

My Nissan Sani now has firmer more stable handling and its still as comfortable as ever. It is a radical improvement. BRETT HASSLE, NISSAN SANI OWNER

The improved weight carrying capacity and ride on dirt roads is phenomena!, I will never own a pick up that doesn't have Load Hog's fitted again. P. COATES, FARMER, NATAL MIDLANDS

We have used the Load Hog system over the last 2 years on our fleet of plumbing vehicles and have been very impressed. Because our vehicles are permanently loaded we needed a product that could be adjusted to suit the load being carried. The Load Hog's have certainly done the trick, the vehicles handle better at high speed and don't sag down at the back any more. PANAMAR PLUMBING

I must congratulate you on your product. The biggest advantage, I think, is the way it buffers the blow when you drive through a ditch with the back wheels. STEPHANUS VAN RENSBERG, ABERDEEN

TOM JACOB OF . . . . . . . SUSPENSIONS, AUSTRALIA was so impressed with the Load Hog System, he copied the product and most of our marketing literature and now markets it under his own brand.Our product is often copied, but never prefected. If it does not say Load Hog it is not one. Load Hog is the original.